New car registrations: +13.7% in April 2024; electric battery 11.9% market share

This increase can be partly explained by the fact that there were two extra days of sales compared to the same month last year, when the Easter holidays fell in April.

Tall the first four months of the year, new car registrations in the European Union increased by 6.6%, reaching nearly 3.7 million units. Solid growth was recorded in the region’s largest markets over the period, with Germany and Spain each seeing a 7.8% rise, followed by France (+7%) and Italy (+6.1%).

New car registrations in the EU by energy source

The last APRIL, battery electric cars held nearly 12% of the EU car market, while electric hybrids rose to 29.1% from 24.9%. The combined share of petrol and diesel vehicles fell to less than half the market, to 48.9%, from 52.8%.

Electric car

IN April 2024, battery electric car registrations rose 14.8% to 108,552 units, with their market share remaining stable at around 12%. France and Belgium saw significant growth of 45.2% and 41.6% respectively, while Germany remained stable (-0.2%). From January to April, a total of 441,992 new cars with electric batteries were registered, marking an increase of 6.4% compared to the previous year.

Hybrid-electric cars also saw strong growth, with registrations up 33.1% in April. The biggest markets for the segment, France (+48.1%), Spain (+38.5%), Germany (+25.9%) and Italy (+22.8%), all posted double-digit growth, with registrations totaling 265,992 units. This pushed the hybrid-electric market share to 29.1%, up from 24.9% in April 2023.

Plug-in hybrid car registrations saw a modest 3.7% increase last month. While Belgium experienced a significant decline of 17.6% and France remained stable (-0.1%), Germany’s strong performance, with an increase of 28.4%, helped balance the segment. In April, plug-in hybrids accounted for 6.8% of the total car market, with 62,148 units sold.

Petrol and diesel cars

IN April 2024, gasoline car sales rose 7.3% to 328,967, driven by double-digit gains in key markets such as Spain (+24.1%), Germany (+18.6%) and Italy (+14.1%). However, their market share fell from 38.1% to 36% compared to the same month a year ago. Meanwhile, the diesel car market has remained stable at around 118,000 units, accounting for around 13% of the market. Despite significant declines in key markets such as Italy (-21.1%), Spain (-19.3%) and France (-18.1%), a significant increase in Germany (+28.2%) helped to compensation for these losses.

In April 2024, the European Union car market grew by 13.7%, with new registrations reaching 913,995 units, driven by strong growth in all major markets: Spain (+23.1%), Germany (+19.8%) ), France (+10.9%), and Italy (+7.7%).

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